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Since its inception, Image Is Everything has been a system of support for unguided talent who have had unfavorable experiences navigating the beauty industry as a digital influencer. IIE supports our clients in executing their vision by seeking out brand deals, negotiating contracts, pitching the press, arranging speaking engagements, scheduling event appearances and managing schedules and content calendars. We work hard to ensure our clients...


We educate our clients on the inner workings of the industry, while also building them a sustainable career on and off-line through assistance in forming corporations, understanding and navigating taxes, preparing retirement plans and ultimately helping them to build a business and life they love.

  • are fairly compensated for their work with brands, on time

  • are provided with legal support and advice to avoid engaging in unfavorable deals

  • have more time to do the things they love... like create

  • are aligned with notable, like-minded companies

  •  have a support team that listens and understands them

Emerging and established Social Influencers are in need of strategic marketing implementation in order to gain brand awareness and garner the attention of harmonious brands.


With our use of diverse networks and industry relations, we use a detailed and unique approach to align our clients with like-minded brands in the interest of brand deals, partnerships, ambassador programs and endorsement deals.


Brand Deals + Endorsements

  • Seek

  • Negotiate

  • Close

Manage Brand Deals

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Communication + Correspondence

Paid Appearance Pitching

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Panel Discussions

  • Brand Supportive Appearances

Brand Deal Schedule Management

Press Schedule Management

Light PR Support

Business Consulting + Building

Brand Development

Image Consulting

Ready to get to work?

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